Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My new (old) chair

Last week I went mad and bought two chairs that need completely reupholstered! And the first one looks like this

It is pretty smelly and has a big rip down one side but still seems quite comfy. Hopefully with a bit of love and attention I can bring this chair back to life. 
It is always interesting stripping old chairs and discovering how they were put together. The first job was taking the dust cloth off. This is the piece of material that is found on the underneath of the chair and it's purpose is to hide all the inner upholstery and collect any dust that falls from the stuffing. Usually this is just plain black cloth or plain hessian. As it is not really seen it doesn't have to be anything fancy, but I was pleasantly surprised when I stripped this chairs dust cloth off, and turned it over to find this...

 I can't find much out about John Brown&Son's Superior Scotch Oatmeal, but it is nice to know that this chair was originally upholstered in Scotland.

This chair has lots of stitching which is not something I am very familiar with, but after many hours, some splinters, and a bruised thumb, the chair is stripped and ready for me to recover it.

And finally, check out the random curiosities I found tucked into the folds of upholstery. A pin, a painted screw, two buttons and a madonna...

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