Saturday, 28 May 2011

holidays, poets, homes

Tomorrow we are off to Greece for a holiday, which is where my favourite poet Homer originates from. Check out his rather stern stare in the above photo then go check out his epic poem The Odyssey. A story of love, travel, adventure and revenge.
And then check out the epic home shop Homer which has just opened it's doors in Edinburgh. I have my eye on some vintage furniture and the cutest little porcelain bird wine stoppers. Enjoy!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Because children like soft furnishings too

I can still remember the vibrant yellow, flowery Laura Ashley curtains and bed linen I had in my room as a little girl. I imagine that this is where my love of yellow flowers, and Laura Ashley, comes from. Mr Briggs can still remember being wrapped up warm and cosy during the Scottish winters in flannelette bed linen. And I know this is where his undying love of flannalette comes from! With this in mind I made two children's blankets...

 They are big enough to get totally wrapped up in (if you are small!), be placed on top of a child's bed, or used as a play mat on the floor. The material is bright and fun, covered in beautiful butterflies, adorable birds and pretty flowers and leaves.

The back is made from flannalette sheet, so will be comfy for snuggling up under at nap time.

I joined the layers at evenly spaced out intervals with some crosses of strong twine (you can make it out just top left of these lovely little birds having a natter). This is because the blankets have an inner quilting layer inside to make them thick and warm, and I didn't want the three layers to separate too much after being hugged, and chewed, and dragged around. I also pre washed each layer, so with the joining ties, it means the blankets can be washed and won't come apart and out of shape in the middle.

Both blankets have now been given to some lovely little people, and I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my Laura Ashley flowery bed covers.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Splash of Colour

 I am currently working on a collection of cosy Harris tweed cushions, with a bright twist. These were inspired by a friend who commented that every time she placed something feminine in their home, her boyfriend hid it behind the sofa. These cushions are all gorgeous, but manly (!), Harris tweed - however anyone that loves a splash of bright and girly colour can turn it over and enjoy....

Sunday, 8 May 2011

One day...

... my home will have sofas like this

 walls like this

window seats like this

and be covered in flowers like this!

Monday, 2 May 2011


This week I employed Mr Briggs to courier four upholstered cubes from Edinburgh to Cardiff. A client had ordered three single cubes and one double, in their company colours, to go in their office. These have been covered in hard wearing tweed to withstand daily use. 
The cubes are ideal space saving furniture as they are easily moved around, wonderfully comfortable, and can sit against any wall or under any table when not needed.  I have one handily tucked under my kitchen table for visitors to sit on.

 They also fitted in our car rather well...

After the deliveries we were able to go searching for things to bring home. There is something rather exciting about a large shed, with an almost hidden entrance, to explore...

Luckily for me I knew what I was looking for so didn't have to spend too long in the shed with the spiders. My parents have been storing this sweet old nursing chair for me. It needs new covers and a new seat pad - I may leave this original seat pad in the shed as that fur covered indent suggests the cat has made it her new bed!