Sunday, 23 October 2011

Piano Stool

I have just finished upholstering the top of a piano stool, while this clever lady fixes the bottom half. I forgot to take any before photos but here is what it looks like now.
The underneath is missing a panel so I attached plenty of webbing and a hessian cover to take the weight of people sitting on it. A block of firm foam was then glued on top and a calico layer attached to pull this into shape.

The top layer is a lovely pinstriped green Harris Tweed. It was more difficult than I expected to get the stripes to line up straight...

Or to get them mostly straight!

Last of all a light green braiding was attached around the edges to cover the staples.

 Once the top has been reintroduced to it's legs I will show you the finished product!

Saturday, 22 October 2011


So I had some lovely comments on here about the last chair, and I tried to comment myself to say"thank you", but my own blog wouldn't let me comment! I have no idea what I am doing wrong but every time I write a comment, pick an id (it doesn't matter what id I choose) and hit enter, the page refreshes and my comment isn't there. So this post is to say thank you for those lovely comments Sam and Zoe, and to let you all know how much I really appreciate kind words about my work, whether they are on here, on facebook, or in person. When you've been working hard on something and putting all your creativity and personality into that work, it is so heartwarming to have someone tell you that they like it. Suddenly all the hard work and frustration becomes worthwhile.
Thank you!

Friday, 14 October 2011

My Kitchen Chair

I have always wanted a kitchen big enough to hold a dining table and sofa so that everyone can gather in one room comfortably - like my mums kitchen! Our kitchen won't hold a sofa but it does have space for a chair. Over the summer I bought this lovely old thing...

Mr Briggs though refers to it as a smelly old thing and told me this week that if I didn't recover it quickly it would have to go!

So I stripped it back, until it looked like this...

And in the process got my fingers spiked by many needles and found this odd collection...

I knew that I had lots of gorgeous Harris Tweed from our honeymoon, but I didn't have enough to cover the whole chair. So I picked a green and brown tweed that matched the old coffee bean sacks I had bought for these chairs. The sacks were a bit of a nightmare to work with and there was the potential for it to look awful but Henny and I gave it our best shot.

My beautiful assistant "helping" me cut out the tweed.

And we were VERY pleased with our efforts. This is possibly my favourite piece of work that I have done. My iphone photos don't really do it justice, and I know this makes me sound rather big headed, but this chair is awesome! And it smells like coffee!

Now maybe I will finally finish this to match it.