Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cute Chair

Stupidly I didn't take a photo of this chair before I stripped it back completely (also stupidly I can't figure out how to rotate it on here!),  but it was quite uncomfortable and had an old cover that had become a little grubby. It basically needed freshening up.
 I'm not sure how much this photo will mean to most people but it is the base of the seat once I had removed the top cover (but before I got to the stage of the photo above). As you can see the insides had all torn away from the frame and the springs were poking out, which is why the chair wasn't particularly comfortable. 
The webbing had gone saggy too so I removed everything (see first photo), then rewebbed and attached the springs. I tied the springs down to the frame with strong string so that they would not move around too much, attached a strong spring canvas to cover them, and then reused the original stuffing to shape the seat. I also added new stuffing to plump the seat up and make it more comfy.
I was a bit nervous when putting the top cover on since it was such a light cover (after catching my finger on a tack I did get a spot of blood on a patch and had to remove it), but the client and I were really happy with the end result. The iridescent pattern on the material looks beautiful where it catches the light, and seems to constantly change the look.

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