Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Kitchen Project

This week the builders have been in to rip out our old kitchen and install a shiny new one. Although our old kitchen looked quite nice it was falling apart in places, didn't have great storage and wasn't really what we would have chosen...

So we had an Ikea planner come out and give us some ideas for how to make the space work better for us and then ordered a white gloss kitchen with white acrylic worktops. This sounds like a crazy plan for a couple with a dog and a baby on the way, but we have been assured that the white gloss actually shows things like finger prints much less than a dark one!
The kitchen was delivered in its flat-pack state last Sunday and stacked up in the spare room.

The builders arrived early Monday morning and it took them only a few hours to rip out the kitchen, including an impressive piece of masonry.

Because our new units are a slightly different size to the old ones we have also had to order a new floor, but for now the floorboards are gone and there is some rather horrible retro vinyl tiles on the floor!

Here is how the kitchen looked mid week...

And our little cloakroom is being transformed into a utility room...

The kitchen is now mostly finished, and we have been really impressed with the speed and hard work of our builders. They ensured that our oven and sink were fitted so we could use them over the weekend, but until it is totally finished we don't want to cause any mess! This time next week though we will have a brand new finished kitchen, hurrah!!

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