Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sweet Smelling Post Office Table

Baby Briggs' room no longer smells of oil! I ordered some foam and upholstered the piece of plywood in the parcel shelf with PVC to make one big changing mat, which meant it smelt like foam for a while. Then I waxed the table base, which made it smell lovely. Then I lined the shelves with pretty polka-dot scented drawer liners from Laura Ashley. So now the whole room smells like flowers - result!

The changing mat has got handles on so that it can be easily pulled up, in case anything spills down the sides of it!

The shelves have plenty of space for useful things...

...and for new friends.

One of Baby Briggs' many little outifts...

We also put some shelves up that would allow us to display the covers of our books. There is now a very sunny reading corner waiting to be used, I can't wait!


  1. oh my goodness Mrs looks so wonderful - what a lucky little bump you have! xxx

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