Saturday, 19 March 2011

Charlie's Chair

When Charlie's chair was passed down to his grandson it had witnessed many happy family dinners and seated many happy diners. Charlie's grandson decided it was time to give something back to the chair! The seat had started sagging so I rewebbed this and added more stuffing before attaching this lovely, but still masculine, material. As there was some material left I was even able to add a matching cushion to make Charlie's chair even more comfortable. 

These are two more chairs I reupholstered for the same people, in the most beautiful Laura Ashley remnant fabric. If you have something small you think you would like reupholstering it is always worth looking about for offcuts. Shops that sell material, such as Laura Ashley, will always end up with a metre or so from the end of a roll. This is often reduced as people aren't usually looking for such small amounts. You can try out the comfiness of my reupholstery, as well as the most delicious food, at Charlie and Evelyn's Table.

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