Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Kitchen Project - Part II

The kitchen is finished - mostly!

As you can see we still have the horrible retro floor tiles, the splashbacks haven't been fitted yet and the blind for the window hasn't arrived, but wow what a difference! It is now such a bright, spacious room and we love being in it. The gloss units reflect all the light, the cupboards are so well designed for space that there are even cupboards with nothing in (yet!), and I love the little things like having space under the sink for our bins to fit in. Admittedly, if you spill anything on a white worktop it needs mopping up straight away, but actually I suppose you should really do that anyway?!

And if you're worried that it is all a bit too white, check out the fabulous wallpaper by BorasTapeter from

On a recent trip to John Lewis we got 4 ex-display Eames dining chairs that finish it all perfectly.

And is it wrong that my favourite part is having a utility room?! Not only does it keep the washing machine, and tumble dryer, out the way, it houses all my cleaning and laundry products (on high shelves away from little hands), the dog food, towels for the dog, wellies, and our new milton steriliser!!

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  1. hun, it looks amazing! Cant wait to see it in the flesh (so to speak!) the wallpaper is just beautiful xxx