Saturday, 24 March 2012

My new favourite decorations

This week we added some finishing touches to Baby Briggs' room. We had bought some bunting wall stickers from a fabulous website called Ferm Living. I was really impressed by the huge choice they had (we got ours in their sale), their promptness in posting our order out from Denmark, and the fact that the kids collection is not just blue and pink babyish stuff. I would quite happily have any of their kids wallpaper in my home. We then bought some bird stickers to liven it up a bit more (from a website I wasn't so impressed with so I won't mention them here, but the stickers are lovely!).

The beauty of these stickers is that you can arrange them any way you like depending on the space you have (the above picture shows a tree made out of left over bunting strips), they are really easy to put up, and they can be taken down without leaving a big mess on your walls. Perfect.

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