Monday, 11 July 2011

Library Chair

Remember this old chair?

I carefully stripped the material off and used it as a template for the new Harris tweed material. Before I attached the new cover I strengthened the webbing to alleviate any sagging and added a little more stuffing. 
The hardest part for me was stitching the piping as I had not had much experience with this. The back and arms of the chair are made up of three panels stitched together along two piping cords. The seat is made up of two panels stitched together, with the piping joining them along the front of the seat.
Once these had been stitched together I attached them to the chair using tacks, pulling the material as tight as possible. The back was then stitched together (another three panels, but no piping) and attached. This was then finished with decorative tacks.


  Finally I replaced the old castors with some nice new shiny brass ones, and attached a dust cloth. The end result is a very cosy, solid chair that would look totally at home in a library, next to a roaring fire. Preferably with a good book and your favourite drink. For close ups of the material see here.

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